Thank You to All Our Dental Partners for Sharing Their Success Stories

"I have been working with New Horizons for a decade and entrust them with my most difficult cases. The level of precision and craftsmanship they provide has resulted in countless satisfied patients and makes even the most challenging cases predictable."

- Andrew J. Bock, DDS, FACP

"First, let me say New Horizons Dental Lab is one of the finest removable prosthetic labs in Colorado. I've used them for about 25 years. I am semi-retired now, and when I need to help a friend or prior patient with a removable case, I contact them. I just finished an implant retained removable bar case. At delivery, no problems. If you have any questions, or need a little tutoring, they have all the answers."

- Walter Davis, DDS

"NHDL gives me the courage and knowledge to begin bigger cases."

- Dr. Harald Joesaar

"NHDL is good at answering technical questions."

- Dr. Chris Chamberlain

"I can generally expect the highest quality standards from NHDL, which solves the problems that come with lower quality."

- Dr. Derek Petersen

"Complex cases are solved - they give me reliable results, I don't have to re-do work, they get it right the first time. Speed is good, patients aren't forced to wait a long time."

- Dr. Andrew Bock

"Their dentures are always the best fitting and looking. The night guards are great too. Minimal adjustments needed."

- Dr. Larry Tilliss

"NHDL's Accuracy and knowledge create well-designed and well-fitting appliances"

- Dr. Kari Amick

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